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We Believe Catholic Identity, Parish Edition

Grades K–6

Catechist Guide

With one-session plans for parish settings, this guide provides:

  • Goals for the unit, references to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, key words, and a background for the catechist
  • Clear, concise lessons that follow a 3-step catechetical process
  • Project Disciple activities that help children to pray, celebrate, share, and live out their faith
  • Seasonal chapters that integrate prayer experiences and ritual celebrations
  • A family page for each unit designed for sharing the faith home
  • Chapter tests for each unit

Leader’s Guides

Plan and lead retreats with confidence using this easy-to-follow Leader’s Guide. With support for anyone including volunteers as they plan and deliver four Catholic Identity Retreats, the Guide offers guidance to run a short 30-minute or 2-hour expanded session.

Retreat themes relate to one of the four pillars of the Catechism of the Catholic Church—Creed, Liturgy & Sacraments, Morality, and Prayer. Every grade explores the same pillar at the same time, supporting whole-community catechesis.

Whether you’re purchasing the Catechist Guide, Leader’s Guide, or Catechist Guide with Leader’s Guide, the eBook provides all the content of the print edition, accessible on Sadlier Connect. In addition, the eBook also provides access to robust tools that allow catechists to:

  • Toggle between the Student and Catechist Editions
  • Assign lessons to an entire class or a group of students
  • View digital resources and project all content onto a whiteboard
  • Annotate content and highlight important information
  • Search for key words
  • Adjust the size of the text to meet individual needs

Quantities for digital licenses must include all user types (i.e. administrators, catechists, and students) needing to access the content.

See System Requirements at TechSpecs.SadlierConnect.com.

Review and Resource Book

This affordable workbook will extend and reinforce learning with additional activities. Enhance student lessons and extend lesson time, while maximizing key concepts with students.

Music CD

Bring lessons to life and enhance the child’s catechetical experience with songs in both English or Spanish.

Program Song Book

With lyrics and arrangements for all songs on the English Music CD, support catechists and teachers using We Believe music in the classroom or a group setting.

We Gather in Prayer Kit

This all-encompassing kit helps to focus on and emphasize meaningful prayer celebrations. Provided in a compact carrying case, the kit includes one of each of the following: battery-operated candle, cruet, cross, small bowl, four cloths in liturgical colors, Bible stand, and an instruction card printed in English and Spanish.

Family Catechesis

With this one resource book, bring together families in prayer, learning, and faith-based activities that reflect the four pillars of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. For adults, six Adult Sessions, plus an Orientation Session, give faith background that nourishes parents/caregivers and enables them to speak confidently with their children about the Catholic faith. Families will find the tools to share what children are learning in the We Believe program, whatever their grade level, including:

  • 4 at-home Family Sessions that can be done with an individual family, extended family, or other families in the community
  • A solid background in the theme of the unit children are studying in school or parish
  • Ways to relate the theme with all grades of We Believe

Family Book/Home Lesson Plans

Each grade-specific book provides home lessons and helps families follow along and support their children’s faith development. Activities and real-life applications encourage parents and families to take an active role in their child’s faith formation.

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