Vivimos nuestra fe

Grades 7 and 8

Highly visual with inviting text, real world application, and interesting features, the Student Edition is designed to hold the attention of and involve today’s student. As part of the Creemos program, it is a complete year’s course in a Bilingual or Spanish parish or youth ministry setting.

While completing the two year Vivimos program, adolescents learn to understand and experience their faith and complete preparation for Confirmation.

Vivimos nuestra fe follows the same 3-Step catechetical process as Creemos—Congregándonos/Gathering, Creyendo/Believing, and Respondiendo/Responding.

With the goal of presenting the Catholic faith to adolescents, each Guide leads catechists through the 3-Step lesson process. The Essential Roadmap allows them to accommodate a parish or school setting—no matter what their teaching schedule.

The Vivimos nuestra fe Guides give catechists everything required to teach successful lessons, including:

  • Scope and Sequence Chart
  • Program Overview
  • Chapter Planning Guides
  • Point of Use Teaching Plans
  • Understanding the Early Adolescent
  • Praying with Young People
  • Ways of Learning
  • Putting Faith into Action (Catholic Social Teaching)
  • Connecting with the Home
  • The Realities of Family Life

The eBook provides the same quality content as the print Student Edition. Delivered via Sadlier's one-stop platform at Sadlier Connect, in addition the eBook format also provides access to robust tools that allow students to :

  • Read text
  • Make notes and highlight important information
  • Search for key words
  • Zoom in on specific content
  • Project lessons in full screen mode

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