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Full Access for We Believe and We Live Our Faith

Grades 3-8 and Grades 3-6

Interactive Editions

This secure, digital solution assesses students' religious understanding and personalizes learning by assigning recommended resources. Full Access for We Believe and We Live Our Faith is a site-license solution that provides access to resources on Sadlier Connect for each grade level, 3–8 and 3-6, including Student Edition and Teacher’s Edition eBooks, Online Assessments, and digital resources!

It provides:

  • We Believe and We Live Our Faith assessments
  • Detailed Proficiency, Domain, Growth, and Learning Groups Reports
  • A Recommended Resources Report with suggested instruction and practice
  • Complete access to each grade-level We Believe and We Live Our Faith eBooks and online resources
  • Customizable practice and assessment

Available only as a Site License, which is purchased per building and covers up to 100 users. Must include all user types (i.e., administrators, teachers, and students) needing to access the content. For buildings with more than 100 users, contact Customer Service. All purchases of Full Access for We Believe and We Live Our Faith require that the number of users being purchased is equal to the number of print Student Editions purchased within the current calendar year.

See System Requirements at TechSpecs.SadlierConnect.com.

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Grades 3-8Grades 3-6Subtotal
Net Price$399.00
List Price$532.00
Item No3047-4
ISBN: 978-0-82153047-4
Net Price$3.99
List Price$5.32
Item No3048-1
ISBN: 978-1-42173048-1
Net Price$599.00
List Price$798.67
Item No3057-3
ISBN: 978-0-82153057-3
Net Price$5.99
List Price$7.99
Item No3058-0
ISBN: 978-0-82153058-0

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