Discovering God

Ages 3–5

Develop children’s faith through language, visual, motor, and listening skills. The Child’s Book meets little ones’ needs with joyful songs, poetry, and prayers. Every Child’s Book includes:

  • Faith-focused activity pages filled with language and listening skills practice, simple games, and more
  • Read to Me pages with age-appropriate Scripture-based and theme-related stories, as well as songs, poems, chants, fingerplays, and movement activities that support faith development in school and at home
  • Prayer Experiences to foster and nurture children’s prayer life
  • Special Celebrations to engage children in prayer and ritual for holy days and holidays

This convenient spiral-bound guide is easy to use for catechists working with children. Activity-rich lesson plans include direction for the beginning, middle, and end of lessons as well as Extra! Extra! with optional activities for each part.

Joyful songs in this Music CD set help develop children's faith while having fun and building listening skills for children.

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