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Believe • Celebrate • Live Eucharist Primary

Ages 7 and 8

Engage children in the process of Eucharist preparation by recognizing the presence of God in their everyday experiences, listening to God through Scripture, and learning about the celebration of the sacrament.

Lead children to a true encounter with Jesus while you engage parents and families to become involved in the life of the Church. Guides provide extensive background and explicit step-by-step guidance to implement the program. Additional point-of-use features include: Scripture background, varied activities, strategies and tips for children with disabilities, cultural diversity, and ideas for connecting with the family. The Catechist Guides match the Child Books, providing support for a range of child’s age, language (English/Spanish), and Restored Order.

Implement immediate preparation for sacraments in a model that best meets the needs of your community and provide professional development and support to catechetical leaders and all pastoral staff. This guide includes the program’s vision and all resources required to implement and modify the program. It also includes handouts, workshop training, retreats, communication tools, responding to pastoral issues, parent meetings, planning for sacrament celebrations, and more.

Streamline communication with the family by sharing this 8-page newsletter aligned to program content and goals. With one each for Reconciliation and Eucharist, it includes guidance and support for preparing children for sacraments at home. (Available in packs of 10.)

Watch Believe • Celebrate • Live Eucharist DVD or Online Video for dynamic, lively episodes with relatable friends that will spark children's imaginations as they journey with Jesus toward the sacraments. Video segments in English and Spanish.

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